An award winning illustrator, I survived over 10 years in Ireland before returning home to Australia, and during that time my clients includs Failte Iralend, The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, Dove, ISPCA, Verdant Productions and VSO, amongst others.  My work has been seen in major national and regional Irish newspapers, and I have exhibited work in Dublin, L.A and London.
I'm very happy to add "The Chaser" to my client list since arriving back, and am a continuing contributor to "The Chaser Quarterly "

I have embraced the world of digital art essentially to remove the endless torment of unwanted additions to my works, and the temptation to 'help daddy' from the minds of my children. I work primarily between the hours of 4am and breakfast.

I enjoy irreverence and the perverse, and like to inject just a little bit of "wrong" into my work whenever possible.
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